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Frequently asked questions

The following are real questions asked by our customers which may also be of benefit to you:

Do you have a set timetable for the entertainment?

No, not exactly. It depends on what time the majority sit for their meal.
The band goes on stage sometime between 8:30 and 9:30pm for the warm-up set. They are then joined by Stavros the singer for a few numbers. He then introduces the lovely Layla who does a belly dancing display. Layla then entices a few customers to join her. Then the party's started...
The entire show is usually over before midnight and is then replaced by a disco until you leave.

How far out will you collect from / drop-off to?

For a party of 16 we will travel as far as Stoke on Trent, Shrewsbury, Worcester. About 35 miles.
Possibly the same distances for couples depending upon how busy we are.

Are children welcome?

Children are very welcome though we ask parents to keep control and prevent them from annoying other guests.

Can you accommodate wedding breakfasts?

Yes by special arrangement. Contact us for details

How far in advance do I need to book?

Six months notice is usually sufficient to secure a weekend booking for up to 140 guests.
Three months is usually enough for a party of 16 except in December.
To be absolutely certain book the date as early as possible. Occassionally we get booked 18 months in advance.

Do you meet special dietary requirements?

Yes, from simple vegetarian to lactose intolerance and nut allergies. Please phone to confirm specifics.

Can one person in a party order food not on the party menu?

Yes, They can order whatever they wish from the a la carte menu and be charged individually. With enough notice, and permission from the Chef.

Do you have seating plans available?

Not at present. We rearrange the tables to maximise the comfort of out guests and it depends upon the numbers in each party booked that night. We will endeavour to create one.
We like to set tables out in rows leading to the dance floor. One row can seat as many as forty guests.
If you have specifics in mind we can put out place names for you.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes both an easy access front door and a disabled toilet for wheelchair usage.
All our amenities are on the ground level.

Can you accommodate morning and afternoon conferences?

Yes please phone with specific requirements.