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Everything Greek

Belly Dancing

Belly dance is a Western name coined for a style of dance developed in the Middle East and other Arabic-influenced areas. In Arabic language it is known as Raqs Shaqi or in Turkish as Oryantal dansi, translated as "Dance of the East". For Europeans, this translation sounded perfect, hence it was also known as "Oriental dance", "Exotic oriental dance" and "Oriental belly dance". The term "Raqs Sharqi" is claimed to be originated in Egypt. The name suggested an exotic dance which originated elsewhere and attained a higher status than the local dances.

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Greek Dancing

Zorbas Dance restaurant is named after the 'traditional' dance of the outrageously extrovert and macho peasant character of Alexis Zorba from the famous 1964 cult classic film "Zorba the Greek" starring Anthony Quinn as Alexis.

Greek traditional dancing dates back to ancient Greece. It was closely related to religion, a way to express gratitude to the gods. There was a dance for almost every occasion, from a child born to a man who passed away. Over the years dancing became part of everyday life as a way of socializing and having a good time, but it was still religion based.

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Plate Smashing

Greek tradition has it that this practice started when a rich family invited a much poorer family to dinner and to make them feel better invited them to break the plates. They were proving that friendship is everything. And there is no better way of proving that than dining with friends over Greek food. In its earliest form, plate smashing may be a survival of the ancient custom of ritually "killing" the ceramic vessels used for feasts commemorating the dead.

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Traditional Greek Food

Greek Food Text